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Military Tank Containers Market Trending Scope with 4.9% of CAGR by 2025 – SAXON CONTAINERS FZE, SEA BOX, VARIEL, WEW CONTAINER SYSTEMS


Military tank container market is estimated to reach US$ 140.2 Mn by 2025 from US$ 97.6 Mn in 2017. Fuel supplies segment led the global military tank container market and is expected to continue its dominance during the forecast period […]

Military tank container market is estimated to reach US$ 140.2 Mn by 2025 from US$ 97.6 Mn in 2017. Fuel supplies segment led the global military tank container market and is expected to continue its dominance during the forecast period This is due to increased power requirements at the army bases coupled with fuel requirements for the operations of artilleries and other vehicles of the military is driving the demands for fuel tank containers..

In the research study on military tank containers market, we have segmented the market on basis of material types, container types, supplies, end users and geography. The report is conducted on basis of land transportation and not intermodal transportation. In addition, the research report provides insights based on the production side of military tank containers and excludes the leasing or operators side of the market. Under the segmentation scope, the various types of material types include stainless steel and aluminum alloys; container types includes dry container and reefer container; supplies include water, fuel and others (perishable food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals); and end users are homeland security and military.

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Key trend which is expected to have predominantly effect the market in coming year in military tank container is the rising demand for modular logistics solutions among the defense forces. The growth of military tank containers market is the current scenario is attributed to the rapid deployment of military and homeland security troops at various isolated and remote locations for peacekeeping missions and deter different threats. The tank containers are the easiest scope of transportation of fuel, water, perishable food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals at these isolated locations. In addition, these tank containers are also used for storage of fuel, water and various other commodities. Moreover, the future of military tank containers market is anticipated to witness a steep growth owing to the various technological advancements in the field of material composition and refrigeration units as well as cooling agents. Furthermore, the manufacturers of military tank containers are witnessing a huge demand for armored tank containers from various defense forces.

The DSS technology abbreviated as Detonation Suppression Technology provides blast alleviation permanently. Also, the technology provides protection against various kinds of threats that can come in the way of tank container while transporting goods. DSS provides a viable, cost effective solution to the problem of fuel tanks explosions which could be caused by gunfire, acts of war, terrorist activity, crashes, collisions, sparking, improper maintenance, electrostatic discharge or simply human error. Also, the DSS technology provides marked cost savings to the end-user of the product as the repair and maintenance costs are less incurred on account of lesser corrosions taking place.

The major factor hindering the growth of the market in the current scenario accounted for high cost incurred while manufacturing of these tanks. Owing to the fact that there is a little scope for error while manufacturing products for the defense sector, the research & development and the production activities for this sector is carried out minutely under high observation and precautions. In addition, the products for military are manufactured with cutting-edge technology that increases the reliability of the equipment. This has led the military tank container manufacturers to integrate the tank containers with enhanced sensors, and advanced technologies, to meet the demand of military sectors. The integration of these advanced and sophisticated technologies results in the increasing cost of the final product, which in turn is limits the procurement of such expensive equipment. Thus, the high cost of next generation military tank container coupled with extensive research & development required in the manufacturing of the final product is hindering the growth of the market for military tank container in the future.

Some of the key players in military tank container market includes: WEW Container System GmbH, Klinge Corporation, Krampitz Tanksystem GmbH, SEA BOX, Inc., AMA S.p.A, ANCORA Sp. Z o. o., VARIEL, a. s., Eurotainer SA, LAVA Engineering Company, and Saxon Containers Fze among others.

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